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Sinsoft Poker

2 usd

Full 3D poker simulator for Android, a new advanced poker AI algorithm, perfect shuffle every new round, and offline poker sessions will enhance your poker skillsFeatures:
• Single Player vs 3 AI Players (Player vs Jack/Kate/Alice)• Advanced AI• High precision poker showdown• 3D poker table sit down simulator• Speed Selection (Normal/Fast/Very Fast)• Choose between phone or tablet controls• Dealer does a perfect shuffle every new game by randomly cutting the deck 51 times and taking out a card• Score, based on turn by turn performance, how long you stay in the game• Play Texas hold 'em poker offline
Additional notes based on user reviews:
• You can only 'check' when it makes sense to do so, remember that Sinsoft Poker is a true simulation of poker sit downs, so you can 'check' for example when it is your turn to open, etc• Sinsoft Poker does simulate 'free rounds'• You must be half way through to use 'all-in', and when an AI is low on money, AI becomes aggressive and may make use of 'all-in' a lot
• Single Player Poker, Offline Poker, Poker Simulator, Poker Trainer, Poker Games